Regardless of the consumer's journey the most important step in the insurance buying process is the final policy handshake between the carrier and the customer. Two distinct events occur when the customer purchases the policy:

  • The consumer is trusting an important decision to protect their livelihood to the product provider.
  • The policy sale supplies the entire industry with the dollars to grow and sustain.

With over 500 years of combined insurance expertise, Moss understands this dynamic better than anyone. We have developed a dynamic toolbox that allows responsible business operations and cutting-edge technology to fully align and satisfy the diverse needs of the consumer, marketer and the end product provider. Therefore accomplishing the mission of:

  • Providing the consumer appropriate protection at an affordable price without the hassle and frustration that comes with shopping today.
  • The marketer can make more reliable acquisition decisions.
  • The end product provider receives a targeted consumer who aligns with business objectives and carriers see a higher likelihood to retain their policy.